Monday, 16 April 2012

Tattoos and Piercing

Hi Everyone,
I haven't done a post in like forever but I have been really busy with my upcoming college exam and other stuff.

Well any how thought I would do a little post about my tattoos and piercings.
I have 5 piercings and 2 tattoos, and my love for body art started when I was just a child. I got my first piercing when I was 4(my ear) and I've had a love affair with needles ever since haha

My Piercings           
My Labret(Lip) I had this done in Sept 2010. Wasn't at all painful and isn't irratating or anything as the back of the Barbell is flat and kind of under your teeth. Cost me €50 to get done including the mouthwash and saline solution(to wash the outside). Heals in about 2 weeks. When fully healed you can usually go back to the shop and get a smaller bar fitted but I prefer the longer bar. :)

Ear lobes both done with a gun in a beauty salon and wern't sore at all, well what I can remember I got the first one done when I was 4 and the second when I was about 7. Only in the last few months I started to wear a barbell in them. The second one I had to reopen myself and that was more painful than getting it done. The top of my Ear with the white stud wasn't painful to get done, however it takes ages to heal and it is really irritating if you have a stud in it an lie on it. I have it done since I was ten and it took about 2years to heal properly. I now always wear a stud with a flat back so it isn't sore when I lie on it. 

Eye Brow. I had my eyebrow done when I was 12 and it is still in. Sometimes the eyebrow bar grows out between 6months-2 years luckily mine didn't and I still have it in almost 6 years later. I barely even notice it anymore but sometimes it might get caught when putting a t-shirt or something on. It takes about 3-4 weeks to heal(depends on how well you look after it) When I got it done I was told just to wash it using salt and boiled water.

I would like to get more piercings soon, was thinking about getting my tounge pierced for ages but decided against it as it would really irritate me, Plus the bar can chip ur teeth etc.
I might get my nipple done or might get a dermal piercing not sure yet I want to stretch my ear lobes to about 2mm any bigger I dont really like  :P

My Tattoos
I only have 2 tattoos but only got my first one in August and my second one in February and I am sure there will be alot more to come :D. Like most people I was very nervous about getting a tattoo, sure who wouldn't be nervous its needles entering ur skin really really fast haha. But was nothing like I imagined. If I was to compare it to anything I would probably say its like getting a tweezers and plucking hair and thats only the outline, the colouring and shading is nothing. 
Any here they are..

Tattoo No.1

This is my tattoo of my Star Sign CANCER symbol with 2 stars either side. Its in the middle of my shoulders
I do kind of believe in astrological stuff so thats why I got my Star Sign :P
I also got 4 stars added, these stars represent the four women in my life. My mother and 3 sisters.

Tattoo No.2

This is my swallow with a Cancer ribbon on its tail. I liked the design of the swallow and added the tail myself. I got a swallow because it symbolises freedom and I added the cancer ribbon because I lost my Godfather to Cancer in June 2011. So I thought the Idea would be nice to remember him by. 

I'm not really sure which was the sorest lol.. Tattoo No.2 was more annoying to get as my leg just kept twitching and I couldn't help it. LOL

Well if your considering a piercing or tattoo I would recommend it, just make sure
1. Your getting something you won't regret
2. Your getting the tattoo somewhere respectable(e.g. not ur face or neck or hand)
3. You go to a good hygienic licensed professional.(not someone in your kitchen) and check out their previous work aswel.
4. Make sure you are going to dedicate time to aftercare.(Wash tattoo every 3 hours and apply Bephantum Nappy Rash Cream(works the best), Wrap in cling film, this has to be done every 3 hours for the first 7 days, then on the eight day use E45, plus do not scratch ur new tattoo or go swimming or use fake tan) Different shops will have different aftercare advice just follow it, don't listen to friends.
5. When getting a piercing make sure ur piercer is clean, and that all piercing tools are sterilised or taken from new packaging.

Well enough of me going on. Hope this was some help to people. 

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  2. I like the tattoo's and the piercings I am just wondering what you used for the aftercare. I had an infection with one of my tattoo's and had no idea what to do.

  3. You've got cool piercings and tattoos. Tattoo and piercings are the coolest form of the body art. I actually like the designs of your tattoos.

  4. @scrnoth thanks, also got my nipple pierced last week :)
    @kurt black, aftercare of tattoo i used bepantum its a nappy rash cream but works really well and I was advised to use it at at the tattoo shop also cover your tattoo with cling film in bed and do not scrath or pick at your tattoo, really you shouldn't get an infection after getting a tattoo really should only scab over, if you got an infection its most likely down to a dirty needle or not taking proper care of it.
    After care for most piercings is pretty basic usually just use sea salt in warm water and clean around the area with a cotton bud to get rid of any crust lol
    If you go to a reputable tattoo/piercing shop they will give you good aftercare advice and you should listen to them, your tattoo/piercing will be good to you if you are good to it.